Xin chào (Hello)👋
My name is Andrew.
I'm a Web Developer, mostly work in Frontend development and optimization. My interests include React, TypeScript, Web Performances & Accessibility.
I'm currently in my 3rd year as a programming student at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.
Apart from coding, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring cities, or strolling in parks.


Developer Experience matter.
As a frontend developer, I initially enjoyed building great user experience for the web. As I was building more and more projects, struggling in my own architecture traps countless of times, I started to care more about designing projects and components composition. Sometimes there was too much abstraction and everything hard to follow, somtimes too little and the code was verbose. At the moment, I find my heaven in building small pure functions, utlizing composition and High-order functions.
I also focus on writing explicit and easy-to-follow code. Variables and functions say clearly what they are, modulizing code into many smaller functions if necessary, pure functions, avoiding the weird behaviour of ==, etc.
Building the web for everyone
I was quite obessed with Google Lighthouse ever since I knew about it. With the blooming of JAM stack, I started researching responsive image, font optimization, layout shifting, and many more.
Besides those Web Vitals from Lighthouse, I also interested in making accessible content. It's such a satisfying feeling when listening to NVDA reading out all the form filling process and errors, while knowing that I was contributing to a better web experience.


I was born in Sài Gòn (aka Hồ Chí Minh city), a dynamic industrial city in the south of Việt Nam.
In my school days, I was fortunate to be able to learn about programming at an early age, only to realize I was bad at it. I struggled to explain my solution to a computer, spending hours trying to understand two-level nested loops. But I did enjoy writing HTML and CSS, both were much more intuitive and I could see what I was doing.
Graduated from high-school, I traveled 11,565 km away from home on my own, and started my developer career at Seneca College in 2019. Currently I'm a programming student in my final year.
During my study in college, I was involved mainly in two community
Vietnamese Association at Seneca College - A community of over 3,500 Vietnamese students and alumni
  • Role: President for 1 semester, and Vice President for 3 semesters.
  • Built a dual-language website for blogs and marketing. Check out our various activities to grow the community
Vietnamese ICT at Seneca College - Exclusive group for IT students
  • Role: Administrator and pioneer
  • Shares informative tips for learning and organizes studying/working/co-op experiences in tech.
Let's get in touch hey@andrewnt.dev
Cheers 🍻 Andrew